Begin at the Beginning

At the beginning of every project we begin with a blank sheet of paper. No pre-sets. No prescriptive ways of doing things. This way, we always know what we do for you is absolutely fit for purpose.

What we do

It’s good to talk

Our research methods may use the latest technology, innovative approaches and the lenses of the social sciences, but we always start by sitting down with you, to understand the issue[s] and how we can help.

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In the moment

Too much research relies on people telling us what they do and think. We focus on what they actually do and actually feel – understanding the ‘experiencing self’ rather than hoping the ‘remembering self’ is a reliable source. And we’re totally transparent, so you can see the picture developing right in front of your very eyes.

Who we are

Getting the total picture

Research is all about shedding light on the things we need to know, but all too often, it’s only the things we focus on that we see. The total picture is made up as much of the dark as it is the light, and what lies in the shadows and the hidden recesses is as vital to our understanding as those bits of the puzzle we light up.

Case Studies