Case History


A global fabric conditioner brand was looking to introduce innovative technologies, each designed to deliver a new functional benefit, and they needed to understand 2 key things – a) which would have the greatest appeal with customers and b) how would they develop emotional benefits for each to create a stronger bond.

Our Approach

We set up an online community with participants from 5 key markets around the world. We asked them to rate and comment on each of the ideas, then worked, offline, with the client to take this input, dispense with the ideas which were not connecting well and improve the concepts worth taking forward. The remaining ideas were re-submitted to the community for further discussion and optimisation.

The Outcome

This iterative process allowed the client to work with customers to identify the best 2 ideas, out of an initial 12, both in terms of the rational benefit and the emotional centre for the story. These ideas went into Bases quant testing, receiving some of the highest scores the client had ever seen in this category, and were subsequently made into global ad campaigns.