How we do it

In truth, we’re methodology agnostic – we will adopt whichever approach or approaches we feel are the ones which will get us to the heart of the matter – we’re not dogmatic… we’ll always work with you to find the best tools for the job.

That said, the majority of our work is conducted using either mobile ethnography, online communities or netnography, but we’re equally at home with desk research, focus groups, depth interviews and workshops.

Our presentations are as much about inspiring as informing, so we use story-telling and curated multi-media material to get across what we’ve observed, with a view to involving our audience rather talking at them and bludgeoning them into submission with reams of PowerPoint charts.

And, crucially, everything we do is rooted in the fundamentals of Behavioural Economics, Sociology and Anthropology – and this rigour enables us to find ways to give brands a place in peoples’ lives.