Break out of your standard way of looking at things

How it works

We meet up with you to identify the key issue[s] and a week or so later the Walk & Talk event takes place. Very importantly, this is not a run. It is not a trek. And it’s not any old walk: we design it and plan it, and we coach you throughout so that the challenge is met and new opportunities identified.

The Approach

Walk & Talk. Walking workshops for client/brand teams. 1-3 days. When ideas, a rethink or finding a new purpose are needed, we take you on a walk, and we use the simplicity of nature as a counterpoint to our complex modern lives and as a catalyst to freer thinking.

What it delivers

Going for a walk is a simple, effective and timeless way to clear the mind and make us more creative. When we walk we fall into a natural rhythm, which not only makes us feel better, it actually makes us work and think better.

The need to


Understand the lives of your consumers

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