Who we are

Caitlin McKenna

Caitlin has been working in Global Brand Strategy and research for nearly 20 years. After receiving a first in Social Anthropology she began working as a researcher for various TV and print media such as The Sunday Times, Channel 4 & BBC.

After 5 years as a media lovie, she moved into the advertising agency and brand consultancy world, working around the globe as a strategic planner and researcher.

No matter what the category is, she will bring to it her fascination with the human condition and her expert eye in theme and trend spotting.

When she’s away from work, you can often find her yomping over Devon moorland and laughing with her larger than life kids and even crazier dogs.

Chris Jones

Chris has been involved in the world of applied creativity since 1982, starting with a degree in architecture. Then he went into advertising, which held his attention for the next decade or so.

After a brief foray into television, he finally settled on research and strategy, and he’s been there ever since.

In 2009 he joined BrainJuicer and set up and ran its global qualitative team up until his departure in 2016.

Throughout his career, and especially since his time at BrainJuicer, he has championed new ways of doing things –  online communities, netnography, app based ethnography, all underpinned and informed by his innate curiosity into what makes people tick.

When he switches off, he’s happiest in weatherproof walking gear, savouring a hand stitched local beer in a pub that smells of wet Labrador or watching the Coen Brothers back catalogue.